Monday, 18 February 2013

St Albans

On the 17th of February we visited St Albans, a city dating back to Roman times. Back then, it was called Verulaniam. The city is named after a Roman soilder who sheltered a Christian priest who was on the run and over time, became a Christian himself. When the soilders discovered the priest's location, St Alban dressed up in the priest's clothes and pretented to be the priest. He let the priest escape. When Saint Alban was discovered, he was excecuted and flogged. After his death, he was named a saint.

First we visited a great Roman museum with mosaics and pieces of real Roman armour! It also had tombs and skeletons of ancient Romans and much more!

 Then, we visited some incredible, fantastic, amazing Roman ruins. First there was the ruins of a theatre with many different walls. Then there was the remains of some shops. These weren't quite as amazing as the theatre but still amazing! Finally, there was an incredible underground shrine and some more Roman buildings.

After that, we visited a great restaurant for lunch. There we were meeting a person dad had been friends with as a child when he went to Knox Grammar School . On the way there, I saw a squirrel and many canada geese, mallard ducks and coots.

At the restaurant I had a mini pizza, some dough sticks and some delicious ice cream. It was great!

On the way back to the car, we visited a very old cathedral. In it there was a choir singing the most beautiful music I have ever heard.

After that we visited a place where you could see a mosaic Roman floor of  a villa, as well as the roman heating vents beneath it! Also, we saw sections of the Roman wall around Verulaneum. It was great!

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  1. Wow Jake, this was a wonderful outing. I love the photos. The Roman ruins are fantastic. Love the squirrel too! Love Grandad