Thursday, 2 May 2013

Anglesey Abbey wildlife discovery area

On the 2 May we revisited Anglesey Abbey, but this time we saw the wildlife discovery area. It was a walk through a large area of woodland in the abbey grounds, called Hoe fen (which was strange as a fen is like a marshy, boggy area with heaps of water reeds, nothing like the wildlife discovery area).

 We climbed to the top of a viewing platform, 6.5 metres in the sky, built around a large tree. We could look down at birds hopping around below us! Then we walked along through the woods to a huge insect hotel. There were hollow sticks of bamboo and bricks with holes drilled into them, as well as many other things made to provide homes for wild insects. The shelters were positioned so people could easily see inside them to observe the insects. Then we visited the wildlife watch hut, a small bird hide beside a pond with lots of bird feeders near it. We saw lots of birds there! Apparently, wild grass snakes and roe deer bucks have been sighted in Hoe fen, but we didn't see any of those. We did however see a few song thrushes, lots of robins, a pair of jays, some great tits, some blue tits, some slaters in the beetle hotel, a dunnock, a chaffinch, a common moorhen and a common pheasant!

In the Anglesey abbey shop, we got some bird seed which we have put in our bird feeder. The Anglesey Abbey wildife discovery area was fantastic!!!!!!!!

Song thrush

Lime Tree Lookout

Playing with my sisters

Insect hotel

Great tit



our bird feeder

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  1. Wish I'd been there Jake, looks like it was great fun. Some great bird shots. Love Grandad