Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A week in London

Last week we spent five days in London with my Grandma and Grandpa. Here are some pictures I took of the things we saw there:

Hampton Court Palace

A yale at the front entrance of Hampton Court Palace
Tudor chimneys at Hampton Court

Westminster Abbey
The inside of Westminster Abbey (before I found out that you're not meant to take photos!)

Big Ben

The great vine, the world's largest and oldest vine in Hampton Court Palace
The old roman wall around London
With Grandma and Grandpa at the Tower of London

A raven at the Tower of London

A grey heron at St James's park
An old London bus

Nelson's column at Trafalgar square

A lion at Trafalgar square
The Rosetta stone, a world famous stone that became the key to deciphering heiroglyphs and unlocking the secrets of ancient Egypt in the British museum

A copy of  Cyrus prism the British museum (the real one was on display in America)

A neolithic ceremonial helmet, made out of a deer's skull and antlers at the British museum
The entrance to a Greek temple, rebuilt from fragments and moved to the British museum

A robin red-breast at Kensington Palace

A pteranodon at the Natural History museum
A lammergeier at the Natural History Museum

A fossil of an ichthyosaur giving birth, at the Natural History Museum
A fossil of an ichtyosaur, at the Natural History Museum

A stuffed (and faded) thylacine, at the Natural History Museum
A giant anteater, at the Natural History Museum

The changing of the guard, at Buckingham Palace
The gates of Buckingham Palace

An Aztec carving of a double-headed snake, at the British Museum
An Aztec rattle-snake carving, at the British Museum
A fox that was in the back garden of the place where we were staying

A diagram of how African slaves were fitted into the ships used in the slave trade, at the Museum of London (Docklands)

London was great!


  1. Wonderful Jake, so many incredible places. Love the fossils and the robin red breast. Must also have been great to see the Rosetta stone and all the relics from Greece and Assyria. Love Grandad

  2. Hi Jacob! What is the picture with the tree growing all over the roof? You must've had heaps of fun.

  3. Hi grandad, it was great fun!
    And hi Sophie! The plant was a grapevine. In fact, it is the world's largest and oldest! It was at Hampton Court.