Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Easter Weekend

On Good Friday, after church we went on a tour around Cambridge, specifically about Christain things that happened there. We saw a Norman Church, looked at the colleges and also saw an Anglo-Saxon tower. We were the only people on the tour. The pictures are of a garden that once belonged to Isaac Newton and a three dimensional map of that part of Cambridge. It was great!

The day after the day after that was Easter Sunday! After church we went to an Easter egg trail at Wimpole hall. There was an egg and spoon race first, in the gardens, then we had to look for things hanging from trees. Then we reached the farm. We stroked donkeys and saw nesting ducks and chickens. Also we played in a playground at the end of the trail. We got large easter eggs at the end!

The next day we drove out in the car to Long Melford, a small town in Suffolk. We were originly just going to see Long Melford hall but we arrived before opening time and visited a medieval church as we waited.

Soon Melford Hall was open and we could go inside. It was a wonderful old house that belonged to Beatrix Potter, the author of Little Peter Rabbit's cousins, there were some things inside that belonged to her, including the room she stayed in when visiting the house.


Then we visited the ruins of a vast abbey. When it was built it was the size of a small town! It was put up to honour Saint Edmund the martyr. He was an Anglo-Saxon christain king who ruled all of East Anglia. Vikings won a battle against him and said he could either become a pagan (the viking religion) or die. Edmund bravely refused to stop being a Christain and was tied to a tree. The viking soldiers then shot him with arrows and cut of his head. He was buried at Bury St Edmunds where the ruins are now.
As we walked back towards the car we found a memorial for seventeen men burnt by Queen Mary because they were protestant (a type of Christain). All of hem were ordinary men with ordinary jobs who became some of the many protestants burnt by Queen Mary.

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  1. What a wonderfully rich weekend Jake. So many things that you managed to fit in as well as going to church to celebrate Easter. The castle looks fabulous, and everything else for that matter. Love Grandad