Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Monster Lab

I had to design a counting game for kindergarten kids as part of my homework.

My game is called 'Monster Lab'. It is a game you need to play with other people.

Everyone gets a magnetic board with a circle drawn on it which represents the body of a monster. The group has a spinner and dice and a containers with the monster's horns, eyes, arms, legs, head and tail.

The spinner has pictures of horns, eyes, arms, legs, head and tail. When it is your turn you roll the dice and spin the spinner. You then pick up the right number of magnets (which are also the right body part) and place the magnets on to your monster. Eg. If you end up with 5 and mouths you place 5 mouths on your monster.

If you spin a part of the body you have already you miss a turn and the next person rolls and spins.

At the end, you can name your monster if you want to!

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  1. Hi Jake, I'd missed this post somehow. I love Monster Lab and want to play it! What a brilliant idea. Love Grandad