Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Anglesey Abbey

Today we visited Anglesey Abbey - a 17th century manor with a Norman Crypt, 20th century parts and beautiful grounds with wildlife trails and even a working water mill!

First, after a stroll throug beautifu gardens we arrived at the watermill. Inside were many cogs and a small grindstone. Becca and Elsie and I earned a classy plastic gold medal for turning it round the amount of years we are old. We saw how the waterwheel turned a stone cog which turned abother cog at right angles to it. Using the strong current the water did a lot of the hardest work! That's really clever!

Next we visited the actual house. Inside were any expensive clocks. Some were pretty like the tower clock with three faces (only one had hands and numbers all the rest had sparkling patterns) and some clocks would have cost a ridiculous amount of money like a gold and silver one wth things carved all over it.

There were modern sections as well such as a marble bathroom. There were also many nude statues. The Normal crypt had distinctive Norman arches and a modern dining table in the middle of the room. At the time I didn't know it was the crypt but I noticed the distinctive arches.

Outside the house, walking back towards the car we saw a beautiful species of pheasant. It had a long trailing tail almost scaly looking black and yellow feathers and was quite a large size for a bird.

I really enjoyed my day and mum says we're going back there some time!

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  1. Hi Jake, this looks like a great place. The working mill would have been wonderful to see. I think the pheasant is a Reeves’s pheasant. Love Grandad