Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A flurry of snow

Here is a poem I wrote about a flurry of snow, when it snows heavily for a short amount of time. Yesterday we saw three of these and and my sisters and I wrote poems about them. In my poem, It rhymes until every tenth line when it goes a little out of the rhyme scheme and rhythm, deliberately. I hope you like it!

A flurry of snow

The day is crisp, the day is cold;
The midday sun looks frail and old
Through dark clouds looming overhead.
By Midday shoppers look in dread,
The midday light turns dark as night,
Men walking home look up in fright.
The first flakes speck the rumbling sky;
They tumble round from far on high -
Dancing, dancing, galloping prancing;
Twirling whirling, curling through the frozen air.

Like sugar on a chocolate cake,
A fairyland the snow creates,
The snowflakes are the fairies bright
That fly around through day and night,
As nimble as a dragonfly
and dainty as the stars on high
They tumble down, they tumble round.
They break apart when hitting ground
And melt again into the earth
As food for trees that suck the soil dry.

Like feathers from a bright white bird
That flies round high unseen, unheard,
From brown to white it covers ground,
Seldom making the slightest sound.
The cold wind howls, the cold wind howls;
A frightened black alsatian growls
And barks at unseen enemies.
The snow transforms the ugliest trees
It drains the clouds and turns them white
Fog rolls out of mouths and disappears, like spirits of the dead.

And then it's over, gone and done
Again appears the yellow sun
The day is crisp; the day is cold
What great things does tomorrow hold?

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  1. Love the poem Jake! What a wonderful description of the falling snow. I can recall some first autumn snow in New York years ago, and as it came down at dusk in great big flakes it was magical. I love the similes and metaphors that you use throughout. "Fog rolls out of mouths", "like sugar on a chocolate cake" are fantastic. Also love the way the 3rd stanza finishes (from the alsatian to the end is very powerful). Well done!! Love Grandad