Tuesday, 12 March 2013

On Saturday we went to a massive house called Wimpole Hall originating from Jacobean times. It was still in use during the 1970s.

The estate was massive with a church, a greenhouse, many gardens and stables bigger than another house!

Also it had a working farm. It was great! First we saw the shetland ponies. When I was in kindergarten, I rode one and I am amazed at how it is possible on such a tiny creature! Next we saw the goats. There was a part of the enclosure fenced off and inside it stood a proud billy who tried to butt heads with another billy through the fence's bars. Also there were the most adorable kids (baby goats!). Then we saw the chicks, proud rooster, pigs (including a massive black hairy boar who kept showing his tusks) and some suckling piglets. We also saw some newborn lambs, one of which was still wet and being licked by its mother, ducks, depressed longbeard donkeys, a highland bull, a bull with big horns, massive powerful shire horses, rabbits and finally some dignified ancient and beady eyed turkeys.


Then we visited Wimpole Hall itself. There were beautiful chandeliers, oil paintings, silk walls, hidden doors, old books and globes and even a room that had been visited by Queen Victoria. I learned a lot and had great fun!

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  1. Hi Jake, what a feast of wonderful animals. It must have been good to see that boar showing his tusks. The house sounds wonderful too. Love Grandad