Monday, 22 April 2013


Last week, my sisters and I learnt about Sir Isaac Newton. We watched a documentary about him and did some research on the computer. (We had also visited Trinity College a few weeks ago, where he was a fellow for many years, and saw an apple tree that had been planted outside his window, and was directly descended from the famous apple tree that was at his home in Lincolnshire. Earlier still, we visited the library at Trinity College and saw his staff, a lock of his hair, and a letter that he wrote to his nemesis, Robert Hooke.)

As part of learning about Isaac Newton, we designed a game about his life and discoveries, which we called, 'A Voyage Through Newtonia'. Here are some photos of it.


  1. Jacob, I want to play! How do I play?

    From Sophie

  2. This looks like a great game Jake. Look forward to playing it one day. Love Grandad