Thursday, 24 January 2013

English Safari

On the 22nd day of January, my family and I went for a walk from our house to Cambridge's River Cam. We were expecting a nice pleasant walk, looking at ducks and other British birds, but what we got instead was a total english safari!

It started how any good English safari would, with the adorable, squirrel However, funnily enough, unlike it's cousin the red squirrel, the grey squirrel is not naturally an English animal! It was brought there from America because it's fur is better for making clothing. Quickly they spread through britain, rivalling the red squirrel, unto the tables turned and the red squirrel was rare, while the grey squirrel became increasingly common. Still, it was a fascinating encounter seeing one!

It was racing along a tree branch when we saw it and before long the squirrel was out of sight.

After that, our trip continued and we saw the iconic robin, the beautiful mallard, a flock of geese and much more. However, as we turned back home, the safari was far from over. Their was still the finale!

And what a finale it was! Two graceful, beautiful and mgnificient mute swans paddled through the river, as I looked across it and began preening and feeding in the river in front of my me! It was a magical experiece!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful walk. Love the photo of the geese.