Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Lucinda and Sam the snowpeople

As it is snowing a lot at the moment in Cambridge, it wasn't long before we got to go outside and play in it!

So, we got into our multiple layers of clothing and stepped outside, into our backyard. Everything was covered in beautiful white snow! It crunched beneath our feet and left footprints when we walked in it.

First, me and my sisters had a snowball fight, it was lots of fun and the snowballs were so soft they would break apart in the air before they hit us sometimes!

Then, we built a snowman. It was tiny and made out of three snowballs with two sticks for arms, two stones for eyes and a  leaf for his mouth. We named him Sam. Then Mum photographed us and Sam together and We had another snowball fight. This time Mum and Dad joined in and mum got me in the mouth! I got her back the next day when she bended down to help my baby sister Lydia. That same day, me and Elsie built a snowwoman together called Lucinda. She had pine needle hair, little balls of snow for eyes and a long, feather nose. It was so much fun! 

1 comment:

  1. I love Lucinda Jake. Well done all three creators. I do think she looks a little cross, but I suppose we'd all be cross if we had to sit in the snow. Love Grandad.