Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Fitzwilliam Museum: The Ancient Egypt exhibit

The 24th of January was a busy day for my family!

Firstly, it was my mum's first day homeschooling us and secondly, we went to the best history museum I've been to.

Even the museum itself looked like something from another time. The main entrance is a massive marble structure, resembling a Greek or Roman Temple with massive circular pillars and steps leading up to the doors. The massive building makes you feel like an ant and although skyscrapers are bigger, this made you feel even smaller than a skyscraper would! As we walked inside the doors, we saw massive, ancient statues all around the massive foyer.

When we entered the museum we walked past hundreds of shelves and glass cases, filled with ancient artifacts until we reached the Ancient Egypt section.

There was a shrine and sarcophogases, daggers and axes, models and statues, pottery and even ancient makeup containers! My favourite artifact was probably the shrine of Amun Re, king of the Ancient Egyptian Gods. We will soon return to see more exhibits!

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  1. You're a lucky boy to be able to visit the Fitzwilliam. Love Grandad.