Monday, 21 January 2013

Footprints in the snow

On the night before the nineteenth of January, our second day in England, me and my family were suffering from jetlag. At midnight I woke up and stayed awake (with a few brief sleeps) until 5o'clock in the morning when dad let us get up. 

Later that morning at about 7 or 8 o'clock we skyped nanna and grandad. During that talk dad mentioned he and mum had seen a fox scamper across the road at 2am. I was excited and came up with a plan. It hadn't snowed that night, unlike the day before so I figured out that we could follow it's footprints in the snow and find it's den!

I told dad my idea but he wasn't sure about it so I went upstairs to my bedroom.

While I played up there Elsie ran up and told me that if we got dressed quickly, dad said we could follow the fox's footprints!

I was estatic! I quickly got dressed and me, dad, Becca and Elsie rushed out the door. I admit for a second I thought we wouldn't find it's footprints but there they were, leading along the road. the four of us followed them for three minutes when we turned back home. It was so exciting!


  1. Wow, how exciting Jake. I love the way you describe your tracking experience. Great thinking. You have 6 months to find its den. Love Grandad

  2. Hi Jake, did you know that at the end of the breeding season that there are 500,000 Mute swans in the world and 350,000 of them are in Russia! There are about 22,000 in England. Love Grandad

  3. cool jake I hope you
    had a fun time at
    the fitzwilliam Museme, love Elsie